Our Solution

Completing high-end construction work in exclusive condominiums in La Jolla and elsewhere in San Diego is an artform unto itself. Over four generations, we’ve developed the skillset to work in spaces where materials and equipment may need to be installed daily and access is often limited to certain hours. And we’ve also crafted key relationships with building managers in some of the region’s most prestigious condominiums, including The La Jolla Seville and 939 Coast in La Jolla. Over the years, we’ve become experts in managing complete renovations of luxury condominiums.


I very much appreciated the incredible job the GDC team did for us. Their workers are highly skilled and they know this building well, which helped a lot. They were always considerate of our neighbors as well. GDC did everything they possibly could to make things easier for us, and I just can't thank them enough. They followed through on every detail, and I am thrilled with the way the apartment turned out.
Jeremy, Seville Condominium Owner

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