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GDC Construction-built: It’s a legacy that honors hundreds of fine custom homes crafted over almost a century in Southern California. Family-owned and operated in the truest sense, GDC Construction is a fourth-generation home builder that places as much value on its rich past as it does its progression into the future. The home building tradition in the Dewhurst family began in San Diego in the late 1920s, and quality and craftsmanship were hallmarks of the firm from the first day. These tenets continue to guide the company well into the 21st century. Blending tradition with innovation, GDC Construction has assimilated enthusiastically into a technological era, continually seeking new developments in materials, methodology and design. “Our family has been constructing some of the most beautiful homes in San Diego since the late 1920s, and in that time, we’ve evolved into a company that is driven by creativity as well as quality,” says Pancho Dewhurst, GDC’s president and innovator. Pancho, with an educational background in art, together with his wife Brandy, a designer, take active roles in each project, combining masteries of both the art and science of home building. “We’re influenced by advances in creative design and architecture in the U.S. and Europe,” Pancho says. “We strive to keep abreast of developments in technology that improve the technical side of our work, from using the most current software to using drones to shoot photos and videos of our projects.” Innovations within and surrounding the industry have influenced the Dewhurst tremendously, but the value of the individual remains the lifeblood of the company. “We’ve spent almost a century building relationships with only the best craftspeople, architects, engineers and specialists in the region. The challenge is always finding exactly the right group of experts to bring someone’s vision to life,” he says.


Describe the philosophy behind your firm.
First and foremost, we’re about uncompromising quality. We like challenges, and we like to work with clients to push the envelope, but we’re only willing to do that when we’re absolutely sure there finished product will be of the utmost quality.

What is your creative process? What is your favorite part of it?
I love working with families to help them create their dream home. That means helping with design and engineering solutions as well as helping build their perfect team of specialists.

How do you define a successful project?
For me, a successful project is one my father, grandfather and great-grandfather would be proud to put the Dewhurst name to.

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