GDC Values History in La Jolla

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By Natalie Wardel

This custom swimming pool and cabana was built to match an existing Spanish-style home in La Jolla. Dewhurst said that this project was especially difficult, because GDC had to excavate soil from an existing hillside to create enough space for the pool and two retaining walls.

GDC Construction is seeking to leave a lasting imprint on the La Jolla community, through fine craftsmanship and community service.

Company owner Pancho Dewhurst grew up building in La Jolla. Through digging trenches, laying pipe and doing other basic construction tasks, his father taught him the mechanics of the family business. Dewhurst learned quickly that he loved the business and enjoyed the satisfaction of building.

"It's great to go around town and say 'I built that,'" said Dewhurst, a fourth - generation La Jolla resident.

GDC has about 30 employees, many of which are La Jolla residents. Their La Jolla roots date back to secondary school, where Dewhurst attended La Jolla High and Murfey attended The Bishop's School in La Jolla.

The company does everything from construction management to finish work. Some of the work is subcontracted, but Dewhurst said GDC employees complete most of their projects from start to finish. The firm specializes in high-end custom home building, remodeling and light commercial work.

"We only do quality work, and we stand behind our work," Dewhurst said.

"We dot our Is and cross our Ts. After we build something, it's built to last."

Experience with construction in the area has made GDC familiar with area specific issues, such as landslide prevention and poor soil conditions.

"We kind of service the community in La Jolla," Dewhurst said. They have also completed projects in Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe and Point Loma.

GDC, the family owned business, is responsible for the Mount Soledad Veteran's Memorial surrounding the Cross in La Jolla.

GDC's commitment to service La Jolla's community remains a strong cornerstone for GDC Construction values.

As part of the community's holiday celebrations. GDC decorates the La Jolla Christmas tree on the corner of Prospect and Draper, which was planted by Dewhurst's father and namesake for GDC, George Dewhurst.

Every year since, GDC Construction has decorated the tree, selling ornaments as a fundraiser to help the community. In 2005, GDC Construction partnered with La Jolla Parks and Recreation to pay for the electrical system that lights the tree.

GDC Construction also built the wall that surrounds the flag at Mount Soledad in 2000 as a tribute to the veterans in the area and partnered with the sunrise Rotary Club in La Jolla to rebuild the community's fire station.

"We love the community," Dewhurst said. "It gave me a lot growing up. There are not a lot of people who have my family history in La Jolla who can say they are a fourth-generation La Jollan. I feel like my family has been a part of building La Jolla over the last almost 100 years."

The company's history within the community has created a network of professional contacts, that has spread to his personal relationships, Dewhurst said, noting that it's how he met his girlfriend, Brandy Wallace, who works for IS Architecture in La Jolla.

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