Executive Profile: George Dewhurst

Press, San Diego Business Journal

by Andrew Schweizer

GDC Construction Inc. President George Dewhurst's family has been in the San Diego construction business for four generations, starting when his grandfather settled in La Jolla in what was then a small seaside town. Since then, GDC has completed numerous residential and commercial projects and turned itself into a recognized name in the local construction community.


Name: George Dewhurst.
Company: GDC Construction Inc.
Title: President.


Bachelor of Science, International Business Administration, Woodbury University 1969
Junior Year 1965 - University of the Americas, Mexico City
Graduate - International Marketing Degree, Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management 1971
American Peace Corps Volunteer - India 1966-68


Birthplace: Los Angeles.
Age: 63.
Current residence: La Jolla.
Family: Wife, three children and two grandchildren.


Essential business philosophy: Quality and service.
Best way to keep a competitive edge: Competitive pricing.
Guiding principles: Honesty and integrity.
Yardstick of success: Preceeding reputation.
Goals yet to be achieved: Countywide recognition.


Best business decision: GDC Construction.
Worst business decision: N/A.
Toughest business decisions: Hiring and firing.
Biggest missed opportunity: Have not experienced it yet.
Mentor: My father, Walter Dewhurst.
Word that describes you: Honest.


What you like best about your job: Satisfaction of a happy client.
What you like least about your job: N/A.
Pet peeves: Unforeseen conditions.
Most important lesson learned: Always do your homework.
Person most interested in meeting: Donald Trump.
Three greatest passions: Architecture, engineering, traveling.
First choice for a new career: Diplomat.


Favorite quote: "Cut the cloth to fit the pattern."
Most influential book: The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway.
Favorite status symbol: The cross on top of Mt. Soledad.
Favorite restaurant: Sushi on the Rock in La Jolla.
Favorite place for business meetings: At the office.
Favorite vacation spot: Sun Valley, Idaho.
Favorite way to spend time: Reading.

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